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Empyreal lives once again!!!   ( under construction )

With old members returning to the game and new members with interest of raiding and RBG's we have decided to try to rise again and take over the world!! ( of warcraft..)  Accepting applications from any and all skilled players with a drama free mentality and the same goals in mind... to be the best!  This site is under construction but should be at full power in no time at all.   Please hang out join up get to know us as we rebuild our ranks and bring Empyreal back to its former glory!

If all goes the way we want it we will be returning to being a top 50 US guild in progression.  We already have members in the PvP side of things that are finishing with a 2200+ rating with ease!  With that being said we will be running the show as we did before.  NO DRAMA of any kind will be tolerated...  we are here for fun and we expect it to stay that way for all of our members and family.

Empyreal was once the top guild on the server.  Plenty of server firsts under our belt to show for it.  Due to RL issues of some core members and problems with elitist attitudes in guild we unfortunately stepped back from core progression and our raiders went different ways.  After a few months well needed break many of us are returning and looking for that number one slot to be titled "Empyreal" once again!!  As of now we are currently filling our ranks once again for all positions.  Once we have enough the fine tuning will come into play and soon after we will be going for server firsts again!  All we ask for now is for a little patience while our officers do their best in rebuilding Empyreal!!

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RBG ownage

Outkasted, Sep 7, 11 5:37 PM.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Outkasted, Sep 7, 11 4:14 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Proudmoore (PvE)
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